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Individual Fees

The Las Vegas Baseball Academy offers individual, group or team lessons. Lessons are offered by professional instructors who know what to teach and how to teach.

Lessons not only help the player, but also help inform parents of proper fundamentals that will help each student in practice and competition.

Players benefit most when lessons are received during the off season. During the season maintenance lessons are offered so that a player can stay on top of their game.

Lessons are a half hour in duration or other arrangements can be made with your instructor.  Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Lesson - $40
  • 4 Lessons - $160
  • 8 Lessons - $300
  • 12 Lessons - $420

Once your lesson registration is received, you will be contacted by the appropriate instructor to schedule your lessons.  Please note that all lesson fees with be paid directly to the instructor.  

For more information on lessons, call 702-232-1330 or Contact Us.

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